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March 8, 2006

Canon 5D & 350D RAW file Conversion. CR2 RAW

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The image quality on this baby is impressive, almost medium format quality and a marked improvment over the 20D or 10D… One very annoying thing, the lack of support for CAMERA RAW in Photoshop CS. Of course they want us to all upgrade to CS2, but whos got the money after shelling out US$3k for a new camera. Please!

In order to convert the Canon 5Ds RAW files which are calle CR2 you have to download Adobe DNG converter. You can then batch convert a whole folder to .dng (Digital Negative). You can then open these in CS provided you have loaded the correct CAMERA RAW plugin also available from Adobe Website. For us Mac users it is Adobe DNG Converter and Camera Raw 2.4.
I love Camera Raw and the control it gives me over my images. The ability to edit exposure, saturation, contrast, and colour temperature are fantastic. For a good read on the subject of colour management read Tim Grey’s book Colour Confidence, available at Amazon Color Confidence

This applies to the CANON 350D as well… Same file format CR2. I think that Abobe and Canon are in cahoots on this. Call it what you like, but it is not cool to have to F&*^ around like this to convert your images. More time wasted to some idiot corporations greed. The alternatives???

I just ask what happened to the good old days when Abobe was easy to use and all file formats were supported by this supposedly industry leading photo editing package… Dinosaurs…

I have not got my hands on Apples latest product APPERTURE… From what I have seen this looks like it might be an alternative…

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