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July 2, 2005

My Photography Equipment – What I use on the Job…

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My favorite piece of kit is my Canon 10D camera. At 6.3 Mega Pixels it has enough resolution to handle any job. Output is a 18MB tiff file, once you put that thru Genuine Fractals, you can crank the images up to 400MB without any loss of quality.
I love the 10D for its ease of use. The controls are handy and the apeture spin wheel on the back makes shooting a breeze.
With the 10D, I have several lenses. At the widest we have a SIGMA EX 12-24mm 4/5.6� winner of the EISA EUROPEAN LENS OF THE YEAR 2004-2005 AWARD. this is a quality wide angel lens. Not a fisheye, but a super wide it is my lens of choice for most social functions and all archtectural work.
Next up is my 28-70mm 2.8/4� Canon L series lens. This is the older model of this very popular lens and the quality is unsurpassed, this lens is RAZOR sharp. Sometimes too sharp, when shooting fashion it picks up everything. A real chunky piece of glass when attached to the 10D it makes quite a weight.
Next in the range is a CANON 70-210mm 2.8 L This is the workhorse for most medium distance work and here again, a Razor sharp lens with lots of WOW factor.
Currently on loan we have a 100-400mm 5.6 L-IS this is the big boomer of lens. I went down to Dragon Boats
with this on the front of my 10D, with the perspective magnification onf 1.6 that comes from the 10D having a smaller sensor you have a 640mm lens. Long enough to catch the action on the race course while standing comfortable on shore.
Also in the kit bag we have 2X 512MB flash cards and 2x 1GIG flash cards. We also have an iPod with a Belkin Card reader for those days when I know I am going to run out of card space and need to unload before I get back to the office. Of course I got the ipod before the release of the ipod Photo so I do not have the ability to preview my images until I get back to the office and load them all on to my new 20″ 2ghtz IMAC. Now this is a beautiful kit. The screen is big and bright and it works a treat. At present it has 1gig of Ram and while nice and speedy, it will get upgraded to 2gigs at a very near date.
For night shooting we have the Canon EZ 550.
Next up we have an eye on the Canon 1Ds MKII… A very fine piece of kit with a huge price tag… Stay tuned…

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