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April 18, 2010

Lisa & Dan’s 吳彥祖 African Wedding

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My dear friend Lisa S, know to many as the face of a thousand fashion shows, magazine covers,  and now Star TV’s Channel V & & &… whom recently was wed to Mr. Daniel Wu 吳彥祖. I don’t need to tell you all who he is, but if you don’t know, Dan Wu. Besides being super celebs these two are also the most down to earth cool folks on the planet. Both Lisa and Dan give generously of their time and effort in supporting many worthy charities.  So the coming together of these two kindered spirits in holy matrimony was bound to be something special

The event was kept top secret and well, I am still not letting on who exactly was there, but lets just say it was a small group of special friends and family, the location,  the Free State of South Africa. The group gathered at an undisclosed ocation a few days before the appointed day of April 6th and all was made ready for the big day.

Well, I won’t spoil the story with my humble words until I receive the translation of the interview that Lisa and Dan gave to Ming Pao Weekly last week, which was published along with these photos yesterday, the day I arrived back in HK from my recent African adventure… so check back here in a day or two for the translation, and please respect the copyright and if you are going to publish these elsewhere you have to get my permission, thanks. (I know they are going to end up in many places, fine, just tell me where and provide a link back to this site)

Ok so there is already quite alot of buzz going on the net about this so I am going to link all the articles here.http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/entertainment/view/1051072/1/.html


July 18, 2009

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October 22, 2007

Wheelie Pelicans

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Today we got two new wheelie Pelican cases. Well actually they are bloody good China copies, but youd not know it by looking at them, and they were a third the price of the real buggers. Still not cheep though, but much more affordable. Lets see if they last the 15 years of Ikes Pelicans?


I got this one for the cameras and a bigger one for the Visatech lights… all the key equipment is now HARDCASED!


and oh look theres a dog… who could that be?

October 2, 2006

Stock Photography – Who wants to know how? Learn about Stock Photography! Free lesson! Lesson 1

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Introduction to the industry.
Stock photography is a huge industry, one that generates steady incomes for those photographers with the willingness to succeed. As with any worth while undertaking nothing comes easy and nothing comes for free. To succeed in this game you need to be able to; a) take saleable photographs, b) be organized enough to get them to the market. c) be patient and keep adding more images to your library
In the past getting into Stock photography was a huge undertaking. You either had to set up your own mini Agency or sign on with one of the big agencies. If you set up your own agency you were required to do all the leg work of sorting, filing and marketing your images. If you signed on with a big agency you were required to have at least 1,000 images before they would even talk to you. With the advent of the Internet and the growth of high-speed broadband connections these barriers have been eliminated. Today anyone with a quality digital camera can enter the stock photography market place and make money selling their images online.


May 24, 2006

Hong Kong Police Boat

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Today on my way back from Hung Hom I saw this and took a picture of it. One of Hong Kong’s new high speed intercept boats. Wouldn’t want to be one of the guys in there, must be really really bumpy… But hey they are the ones that keep Hong Kong free of smugglers and drugs. Good Job Boys.

May 15, 2006

Computer Training by Lighthouse Resources – New Course Schedule

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Lighthouse Resources – Course schedule for the Spring term’s computer classes is finally out. Apologies for the delay.

These courses are run by Sleiman Mattar and are very well received, if you are interested it is advisable to sign up early as some of the courses fill up quickly… Happy Learning.

Course Titles and Dates for Spring Term 2006

Microsoft Powerpoint For Beginners

Introduction To Website Design With Frontpage

Introduction To Website Design With Dreamweaver

Introduction To Photoshop

Photoshop Workshop: Portraits

Spreadsheets With Microsoft Excel

Introduction to Microsoft Word

Improving Microsoft Word Skills

May 12, 2006

Punk In a Business Suit

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( Camera EOS 10D – f16 @ 125 ISO 400 Lens Canon 28-80 2.8L)
(Studio set up; two large soft boxes left and right with a snoot on a rail above and behind to give the nice rim lighting on the hair.)
Today we shot a promo card for Signal 8 Models. Hang was very kind enough to offer his services as our punk and underwent a bit of a transformation under the ministrations of Denise Toms. We tried all sorts of different emotions and facial expressions and the results are awesome. They are going straight to stock.

September 28, 2005

Canon 35-350 f 3.5-5.6L Lens in the house

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SDBlog Hong Kong Photography Photographer » Canon 35-350 f 3.5-5.6L Lens in the house

August 26, 2005

Food Photography Blog – Makes you hungry

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Food Photography Blog / Food Photographer Blog / Food Blog
I found this site and think it is great. I don’t shoot alot of food, but do enjoy it when I do. The best part of shooting food is always the “after” bit, when often times we will get to enjoy sampling the models (food), for taste.
Yeah, check this site out to learn a thing or two about FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY!

June 14, 2005


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The first thing to know when wanting to take better pictures. Well the first thing I always tell people is to never center the subject in the frame. Move Left, or right, up or down, just not in the center. Try it with any subject and see. It is called the LAW OF THIRDS and is the first rule of composition. This also applies to the horizon in a shot never center…

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