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June 28, 2005

The best Taxi Driver in Hong Kong

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Saturday was quite a day, after first leaving our squash rackets in a taxi on the way back from the squash courts, Juliana then leaves her purse in another taxi. We called the Taxi lost property line and had the request put out over the air, but heard nothing back from them. Then on Monday Ju gets a call from her agent saying her wallet had been turned into the Police and she must go to claim it. So today she heads down to the police station and guess what… Her wallet with $1300 cash in it is sitting in police custody. So somewhere out there is an honest taxi driver that I would just like to thank. You give all of Hong Kong some hope. We love you Mr. Nice Taxi Driver.

June 12, 2005

DISNEY TO : Dear Mr. Chair…

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So other people Dear Mr. Chair…have been getting the same response. Seems like Disney has been busy in the PR department and think that by replying to all the emails they get they could quel the rebellion. THINK AGAIN!

June 9, 2005

I Reply to DISNEY

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Dear DisneyLand,
An informed choice… Are you nuts, when it comes to Shark Finning there is only one choice. “WHEN THE BUYING STOPS THE KILLING CAN TOO!” Are you aware of the growing movement against this practice. I urge you to reconsider this folly. Your company is already in my bad books for the destruction of a beautiful natural resource and the destruction of important marine habitat.
As an international brand you have an important role to play in the stewardship of this planet. YOU FAIL in this instance. YOUR ONLY CONCERN IS $$$…

Well I for one will not be coming to your park and I will tell everyone I know not to either.
Yeah I know like talking to a brick wall.

Sean D. Baylis


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Dear Sean,

We thank you for your email and sharing your concerns with us.

During the past weeks, we have also heard the opinions and comments made
by the conservation community and various different groups. We have
given careful consideration to this matter.

Hong Kong Disneyland takes environmental stewardship very seriously. We
are also equally sensitive to local cultures.

As the dish is considered an integral part of a Chinese wedding banquet
, it is customary for Chinese restaurants and five-star hotels to serve
shark’s fin soup in Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong Disneyland is located in
Asia, we believe that we have the obligation to offer choices to all of
our guests.

With this in mind, we feel that it is very important to balance between
environmental concerns and respect for the local culture, so therefore
we are taking the following proactive measures:

- Hong Kong Disneyland is committed to source from reliable and
responsible suppliers that adhere to International Treaties such as, the
Official Journal of the European Union Council Regulation, the US Shark
Finning Prohibition Act and the Convention on International Trade in
Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

- We will work with our Guests to ensure that they are aware of many
other menu alternatives that could be incorporated into their banquets.
The dish will only be served to guests at private functions upon their
special request.

- We also believe that it is important to provide potential guests with
an informed choice. We are working with a local environmental group to
present informative material to all guests requesting shark’s fin soup
so they can make an informed decision and are aware of related
environmental concerns.

On behalf of Hong Kong Disneyland, I would like to thank you once again
for sharing your concerns with us.

Yours Sincerely,

Guest Communications
Hong Kong Disneyland

Disney to Serve Shark Fin Soup

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I recently wrote to Disney to stress the folly of serving SHARK FIN SOUP at HK Disney Land…
Dear Disney,
Why not serve “Mouse Burgers” with the SHARK FIN soup…

I will never go to your park as long as you serve this. NEVER!

Best Regards
Sean D. Baylis

HK Disney to serve Shark Fin Soup May 25, 2005 It is time again to call on your
support to
voice your dissent about corporate irresponsibility in
shark fin promotion – this time, it’s Disneyland Hong

On May 18, 2005, The Standard (HK) (article below)
reported that Disneyland Hong Kong is trying to
attract newlyweds to host their wedding banquets at
the themed park by offering, amongst other dish,
shark fins. At the same time, a quick check on
Disney’s website reveals that they also boast
various “Environmentality” projects and are involved
in wildlife conservation through the “Disney Wildlife
Conservation Fund”. In their own words, the Fund
channels resources towards biological hotspots -
areas rich in plant and animal life at risk of imminent

Disney is currently gearing up for its launch in
December 2005, there is bound to be substantial
publicity and media interest surrounding the themed
park during the months leading up to its opening. The
last thing they need is negative publicity that will
leave a stain on its marketing campaign, especially if
it is the consumption of a product that is clearly in
contradiction to their “Environmentality” positions.
This is something we can use as leverage with
influence the decision makers at Disney in urging
them to drop shark fins from their menus. What we
need is show that the word is getting out there and
for them to think it is a big enough concern to act
positively to it.

Please take a few minutes to write to the people
below and appeal to them to remove shark fins from
their menus:
* CEO, Disney World, Mr. Michael Eisner:

* Group Managing Director HK Disneyland, Mr. Don

* HK Disneyland Vice-President of Marketing Roy

* HK Disneyland Corp. Communications, Ms Irene
Chan: irene.chan@disney.com

* Public Affairs Team:

* Disney Corporate Communications, U.S:

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