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December 14, 2008

Bridge to where?! – Shenzhen Bay Bridge – China Air Pollution

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I have been trying to complete a job request from a Spanish company who manufactured the street lighting on the new Shenzen Bay Bridge that crosses from HK to Shenzen, it is quite a massive bridge, very impressive – when you can see it. The problem has been one we know all to well here in Hong Kong and that is Air Pollution. Last week we had a week of clear blue skies and very clear air, so thinking the weekend would be the same I booked a car from Avais to drive up to the New Territories to explore the best place to get a nice shot of this big bridge. Shouldn’t be too difficult right. This is the result of the first days attempt…

That was Saturday afternoon, I didn’t bother sticking around til after sunset as I knew I was not going to get the shot the client was looking for. Instead I went exploring around Yune Long along the coast of the NT, most of which is one giant container yard. NT around Yuen Long is Container City:

The rest of it appears to be FISH FARMS, and those places where people pay to go fishing in a stocked pond.

This is one such fishing farming village, quite quaint in that run down HK industrial kinda kitch way.

Well Sunday, I thought the air might be a little more clear so I drove up to the Peak to have a quick look. Well it was more clear than Saturday, but still not one one would call ideal, so without anything better to do and the Rental Car just itching for the open road, I again drove up to the NT to the look-out spot I had scouted on Saturday, just in time for sunset and twilight. This is the result of my efforts, and while it is quite dramatic, I dont think it will be accepted by the client…

Pretty if you like AIR POLLUTION…

So now that I know the good spots to shoot this sucker, I just need to wait for a really clear day and then try again…

—————– Technical Note—————–

I used a cross hatch filter otherwise know as the ‘star’ filter to get the niffty lighting effects…

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