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March 23, 2010

Invest Hong Kong banner

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Invest Hong Kong have purchased one of our stock shots for a standing banner that will be used at various functions and events around the world. I shot this years ago from the roof of IFC2 while doing a job for the OTIS elevator company.
Thanks to Kal for the handing retouching to get rid of the clouds and turn the sky blue.

InvestHK are the government agency responsible for selling this lovely city of our to international businesses as a good place to set up and do business.  They must have a pretty easy job, the way I figure it, Hong Kong is a great place to do business, its just too bad we have to breath to do so…

March 19, 2010

How do you do 2!

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After spending some time retouching the first selection last night, when I woke up in the morning the client had chosen a new pic which we then retouched, luckily this one didn’t need as much, no railing along the highway to remove, just a small chain in front of the grass… so do you like?
We shot this yesterday afternoon about 5pm in front of the HK Club bldg, I was using my trusty Canon 5D with the 24-105 at f5.6 / 160th
the vivid foreground lighting on the talent was courtesy Profoto 6B battery powered strobe… the secret is what did i have attached to the strobe?

March 18, 2010

Hong Kong Business Handshake

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Good day how are you… nice to see you here on this highway overpass…

Guess what we did today, and since its 2am and I just finished the retouch, I thought to share… do you like?

March 16, 2010

New Makeup Test with Dada

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We did a make up test a few months back with Dada, a freelance model from HK.

Michelle Lau did the makeup and I did the photos and retouching… If your looking for a decent makeup artist and want to contact Michelle, please contact me

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