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June 9, 2005

Subway Sandwiches

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Ah yes the american classic SUBWAY has arrived in Hong Kong. But there are only two. One is in Discovery Bay and maybe one of the only reasons to live there, the other is in Wan Chai, Lockhart Road, just down the road from Jo Banana’s. 12″ tuna with lots of green peppers and onions, hold the dressing, salt and pepper… oh yes. I am just waiting for them to open in Central.

June 7, 2005

Jim Chai Kee

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$10 noodles, well they are now $11… “Wan Ton Mein” on the corner of Wellington just next to the escalator. These are a classic Hong Kong treat. Big juicy prawn won ton with fresh rice noodle. Tasty and cheap. If you plan on going at lunch time, there is usually a line…

June 6, 2005

A bagel a day

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I wake up every morning, brush my teeth, do some yogo – Suriya Namaska – and then head out the door to SOHO Bakery#41 Elgin Street Tel: 2810 7111 to eat a fresh baked bagel. With a variety of fillings; chicken salad, tuna mayo, 21 kinds of cream cheese, humous, and others I never get tired of this breakfast ritual. My favorites is EVERYTHING BAGEL (has poppy seeds, seasme seeds and onion) with Chicken Salad, double toasted with lettuce and tomato -HK$20. What a treat.
But don’t tell too many people as they only make x number a day and if I get there and someone has eaten all the EVRYTHINGS…

Hello world!

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Hello and welcome to my blog. A big thank you to Sleiman at lighthouse resources http://lighthouseresources.net/ for installing this for me. I look forward to many “happy” blogs.

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